About Us

ThingsIWantToBuy is a fun place to check out unique, cool, geeky, and awesome THINGS!

I maybe spend too much time online and so I’m always finding things to share with friends and family. Since I was younger I wanted to create a site where I could compile everything I found for anyone to come look at. Well, I finally did it haha and I’m having a blast.

I am truly interested in finding and showing things that I think are awesome. When I’m able to I will give my own experiences with the items I am talking about. I also reach out to friends and people I know who have used these things to give a better description if those resources are available.

There are so many cool and innovative people out there producing a wide range of items and that is what I want to bring to you.

I also like to have fun and I want you to have fun too. If you have found a cool product that you think I’d be interested in featuring send it over to us through our Submit a Product page. Also if you notice a broken link or anything else that you feel needs my attention let me know on the Contact Us page.

There is a small commission that is received for some of the products listed but not all of them and this is certainly not the reason for showing you those items. I just like bringing you cool things that you can potentially buy. If there is no commission for the product (which is most cases) I will still display it as long as I feel it is an awesome thing I would want to buy.