All Blacked Out Look

Thought Process

I wanted to put together a look that would let you go out during the day and transition right into a nice summer night. Black has always been a classic color that goes with anything and gives off a more high end appearance. It’s all about style.

This one is definitely for the summer, at least for me, because I don’t enjoy smoking cigars standing out in the cold. I like to be relaxed and in a chair. Going out on the weekend during the day, having some lunch, and enjoying a nice maduro is how I like to do that.

Then at night you just stash those sunglasses in your car or in a safe place where you’re not going to sit on them, which is a problem I have, and you’re good to go. I always have a wallet and a pocket knife on me. Those are the two things that are used the most

The Gear

Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 Silver Frame / Crystal Grey Mirror

Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025I firmly believe that aviators can’t and won’t go out of style. Only time will tell though. They look good on all facial types for both men and women.

Especially with the mirrored finish. It’s nice to be able to look around during a conversation or even close your eyes for a bit without people thinking you’re not paying attention.

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Case Cutlery Sodbuster Jr Black

Case Sod Buster Jr BlackA sleek, stylish, versatile pocket knife. I always find myself having to open a package or something every single day so I tend to carry a small knife all the time.

There’s no locking mechanism to this knife so just know the capabilities and limitations of such knives before use if you’re inexperienced. You don’t want a knife folding up on you and cutting your fingers.
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Hugo Boss Luber Black Textured Colored Leather Card Holder

Hugo Boss Luber Leather Card HolderI tend to prefer a good card holder over a traditional bifold or trifold wallet. They are less bulky and you have room for all the necesities.

A credit card or two, an ID, and some cash. That’s really all you need unless you are George Costanza and you like back problems. Slimmer wallets are great for dress pants and have a more professional look to them.

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Black Label Baron Cigar Cutter – Carbon Fiber & Gunmetal

Black Label Baron Cigar CutterFeaturing a double bladed design of German tempered steel blades this design will ensure a great cut every time. These things seem to be built to last and with the carbon fiber you’re getting strength with a lighter body.

I’ve seen these in actual and the cuts are smooth. It looks great closed as well as open which is managed by that locking mechanism on the front. The solid construction makes sure it won’t be opening in your pocket either.
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Black Matte Finish Zippo

Black Matte Finish ZippoYou’ll need something to light all those cigars you’re cutting. There’s a debate over whether or not it’s good to use a zippo for cigars because the fluid can get into the taste of the cigar. I’ve never had that problem though myself.

Zippos are great since they last forever and are refillable. It’s a classic brand that screams Americana. Anyone who sees you pull this out of your pocket or hears that signature click will know you’re using a Zippo.
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Your Thoughts
Now it’s your chance to voice your opinion. Leave a comment bellow about what you think of this look! I’d love to know what you would add, subtract, or swap out and why.