Bandit 9 L CONCEPT

Limited Edition

When they say limited, they aren’t messing around. There are only 9 of these bad boys in existence. The L Concept motorcycle by Bandit 9 is something straight out of an Jules Verne novel. Very reminiscent of a futuristic steampunk society with a hint of The Rocketeer. I think that’s why we like it so much. You don’t see other motorcycles like this. Which is most likely why this is a concept motorcycle and not a production line piece. That makes it that much more special knowing you have something that only 8 other people in the world have.

Originally a Honda SuperSport 125cc, which I can see now that I’ve googled images, it has definitely come a long way. We’re looking at Custom: Engine Cover, L Handlebars, Headlight, Break Light, Turn Signals, Skin Leather Seat, and a Hi-Grade Steel Unibody.

Bandit 9 L Concept

Limited Edition: 9 units only


Cafe Racer Culture

If you like this style of design then you’ll be really interested in Cafe Racers. Maybe even “bobber” designs. Take a look at what’s out there. Maybe you just found yourself a new passion / hobby to dive into.

Bandit 9 L CONCEPT