Can You Fold Paper 7 Times With A Hydraulic Press

Age Old Question Answered

Cut to 2:09 of the video to see the results. We all remember in grade school learning that you can’t fold a piece of pager more than 7 times. The Hydraulic Press Channel puts that to the test.

Why do they say you can’t fold a piece of paper more than 7 times? Every time you fold it you’re actually doubling the number of layers. The first fold creates 2 layers, the next fold is 4 layers and so on. By the time you get to the 7th fold that is 128 layers of paper. Image taking a stack of 128 pieces of paper and trying to fold it.

Hydraulic Press Channel

This youtube channel only started in October for 2015 and they already have over 583,000 subscribers and more than 47,000,000 views on their videos. That’s pretty impressive for only releasing 20 videos in the span of 7 months. Where other channels seem to pump out content every day or every week it’s interesting to see a channel with a slower pace. I guess it’s similar to how the hydraulic press moves.

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Now, watch them crush this jawbreaker. This one is a lot of fun.