Cat Scratcher Lounger

Cat Scratch Fever

I haven’t seen a cat scratcher that also doubles as a place to lounge around. Then again I’m not a scratching post connoisseur. Like cats need another place to do that though, am I right? Everything is a lounge area to my cats. It’s a really cool idea though by PetFusion.

Good to Have Options

It’s good to give your cat some different options on where to flex their claws so that they don’t take it out on your rugs, drapes, or furniture. I’ve never had a problem with that myself personally but I’ve heard some horror stories and seen it happen in movies.

What’s great about scratching posts is that you don’t need to show or teach your cat how to use them. They already know what’s up and they’ll go to town on that thing. I’ve always wondered how they instinctively know that a scratching post is a place to scratch but then I remember their cats and their jerks so anything is a scratching post to them. If you needed to teach a cat to use a post it would be impossible. Anyone who owns a cat knows that there is no teaching them anything.


What looks to be great about this scratching post is that it is not like a typical scratching post. You could put this up on a windowsill unlike other posts that need to stay on the floor. Plus it doubles as a place for them to rest and they sure like to do that for 20 hours out of the day.

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