DIY Deadpool Knife Block

Stabby Stabby

I think I am going deaf. No wait there was a knife in my ears. How come no one told me? Now I just feel silly.

This is an ingenious concept of taking the superhero (anti hero?) Deadpool and creating a functional piece that also pays tribute to the character. If these were knives in Batman’s head it just wouldn’t make sense. Deadpool has a superhuman healing factor that allows him to withstand attacks like this.

Unfortunately this isn’t for sale but there are instructions for how you can make one yourself. You are going to need some 3D modeling software and a 3D printer for this project though. Check your local maker shops and see if you can have public access to any of that equipment. You’d be surprised what types of awesome workshop equipment is out there available to you.

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Full Body

With a little paint you could make this full body knife block into a really cool Deadpool pin cushion. I think that would be a pretty awesome take on it.

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Deadpool Knife Block StandingDeadpool Knife Block Standing Painted