Hairy Cat Ball Kitty Bed

Rawr – Now Paws For Effect

She’s so cute I could just eat her up. Well hopefully before this cat bed has a chance to. I think maybe the bed was modeled after her expression in the photo. Nom Nom Nom!

This is a really cool concept and idea but my cats are lazy and I’m not sure if they would want to jump in and out of it every day. My cats are weird though, they don’t even sit in boxes like normal cats. I saw a tiger sit in a box… not my cats. I digress.

The creator of this cat bed is TheCatBall and she has a large variety of different beds. This one just looked super unique so we had to show it. I think I even saw one that looked like a strawberry.

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  • Ha ha! It was a watermelon, not a strawberry! Black cats look great inside it, because they look like a giant seed.
    Lazy cats like our Cat Ball cat bed just fine, because they can nap comfortably inside the padded walls.
    Thanks for the post!