Jetovator Personal Water Craft

I always thought jet skies were cool until I stumbled upon the Jetovator personal water craft. This water toy brings it all to a whole new level. Reaching speeds of 25mph and heights of 25ft you’ll be flying high on this bad boy. Don’t throw your jet ski out just yet though. Technically the Jetovator is an “accessory” and requires a minimum of 130 hp personal water craft to operate. Don’t worry though, if you can afford the nice price tag on this thing you can afford the jet ski to go with it. Watch the video and you’ll see how the other half lives. It’s pretty amazing.

Jetovator Personal Watercraft

Ride the Hose!


The video is by youtuber devinsupertramp. It is shot in 4k so make sure you up the settings to 1080p to enjoy the full experience. If the images and description of this thing didn’t have you wanting the Jetovator the video surely will. To shoot a video like this you’ll need some of the equipment below. GoPro HERO4 4K Action Camera is great and very versatile. You can shoot entire awesome videos with this camera alone. For all those crazy cool aerial shots and flyovers you’ll want to look into getting a quadcopter like the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Video.

Jetovator Personal Water Craft