Killer Drone

Skynet – Death From Above

I’m really not sure why people are so obsessed with trying to give robots the ability to destroy us. It’s like no one has seem Terminator before. Thank goodness this thing seems to be easily stopped by a set of balloons. I’m sure a net could easily take it out though.

Still pretty cool. If it was more stable and had more leverage I could see this being used in tree trimming, although I would recommend keeping it away from power lines.

The Future

All I can think of is BattleBots show that used to be on TV but now with drones flying around. Who says there isn’t good programming left on television? What a time to be alive. Well, unless you get in the path of this thing. Based on what was done to those snowmen I’d say you wouldn’t be alive for very long.

Killer Drone Chainsaw