Lock Pick Training Set

Spies, Criminals, and Survivors

Whenever the topic of lock picking comes up thoughts of spy movies, criminal masterminds, and survivalists flood my mind. Which one of these would you classify yourself as? I’d like to go for the benevolent thief. The Robin Hood type.

Why do you want to Lock Pick?

Do you want to use your new found skills for good or evil? Lock Picking is a very useful skill set to have. In emergency situations you never know what obstacles will be put in your way. One of those obstacles could come in the way of a padlock.

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More tools for survival

If you’re going to make your way through this new post apocalyptic world you are going to need more tools to do so. Having the knowledge is one thing but not having the proper tool for the job makes the task at hand more difficult and at times impossible.

Lock Pick Training Set