Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Player 1 or Player 2?

Which ever you prefer you’ll be able to play as that because this coffee table is also a fully functional controller. Just don’t get mad and try to throw this controller, you might slip a disc. Plus then you’re out a good $5,000 and that’s never fun either. Just calm down and take a coffee break. The NES and SNES controllers are definitely most suitable for coffee tables. I can imagine a Nintendo 64 controller taking up half the room and not being good to put anything on. Although now I’m thinking of a Nintendo Wii-mote coffee table and Nunchuk foot rest combo. Someone make this happen.

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It’s dangerous to go alone

I would really like to see someone play a game with this controller. I imagine it would be a two person effort to actually play a game with some sort of chance of getting through a level. That could be a fun interactive gaming night.