Panda Coat

Tuxedo Bear

Is there a fancier bear out there than the panda? No, there isn’t. The panda is most comfortable in a top hat and monocle. The movers and shakers in the bear world are panda bears. This isn’t opinion. It’s cold hard panda facts. What better way to infiltrate their panda high hat society but with a panda coat.

Panda Facts

All giant pandas are owned by and belong to China no matter where they are born. There’s also a pretty hefty panda tax that goes along with having a panda in your zoo. Every panda is on loan from China with a yearly fee of up to $1,000,000. That’s a lot of money for an animal that is causing it’s own extinction. It’s good for you this coat is not made out of real panda then. The price might be a bit steeper.

Panda Coat

This panda jacket is ideal for black-tie weddings, charity balls and trips to the opera.


You Other Bears Can’t Deny

OK, in all fairness a wolf is not a bear. We’ll let it slide though because it is a pretty bad-ass coat. I remember walking to work one day and I saw a grizzly bear smoking. Completely unrelated to the wolf coat, but what a time to be alive.

Panda Coat