Paper Cat Mask

Beneath the mask

I’ve always imagined the day where I could let my inner cat shine. I just didn’t know that today would be that day. There are a lot of options here. Maybe you fancy yourself more as a moose. There’s a mask for that too. I just wish there was a paper squirrel mask so we could go to a party together as Rocky and Bullwinkle.

It is a UK listing (for the cat mask, the rest are U.S.) but that doesn’t matter because these are digital downloads. Soooo you’re not going to have to wait for shipping. Ah, the power of the internet.

Fun Activities

You read that correctly. You’re not going to get a physical product in the mail and you’ll have to create the mask yourself. On the plus side this would be a fun activity for kids or parties to be able to create your own mask and then wear it around.

On Etsy

What animal mask are you?

Whether you’re looking for a bear, moose, bull, fish, wolf, or dragon mask Wintercroft has what you need. Just pick your favorite animal and transform yourself into it. Warning: You will not actually become the animal unless you kill it and absorb it’s power.

PaperMooseMask PaperBearMask PaperBullMask PaperCatMaskSlider

Which one would you be? Or would you choose a different animal entirely?