POGN Paracord Knife

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I love a good skeletonized designed knife. This unique design allows for the knife to weigh less and opens up room for you to carry extra paracord that is used for the handle.


Talk about something that has 101 uses. This stuff is the rope equivalent of duct tape. On every one of my camping trips I bring paracord in some form or another. I have paracord bracelets, knives with paracord handles (like the one shown here), or just a 100ft bundle of it.

5 Great Uses For Paracord

1. Visibility: Paracord comes in a wide variety of bright colors (not just black, green, and brown). If you want to make sure you don’t lose an item when you drop it use a bright orange or yellow paracord color.
2. Strong: This stuff is tough. You can use it for securing sleeping structures, hoisting food packs off the ground so bears don’t get them, inner strands can be used for fishing, and you can create a great bow drill. Endless posibilities.
3. Antimicrobial: Mold can’t grow on it so it’s ok if it’s wet or damp unlike regular ropes.
4. Snares: In a survival situation trapping can become essential to survival. You don’t want to have to waste energy trying to make rope from plant fibers and tree bark that might break.
5. Tourniquet: Now this one is really life saving. Being able to stop or lessen the bleeding in an emergency situation log enough for help to arrive could be the difference between living and dying.

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