RedRev Scuderia Ferrari


That’s the sound a watch makes right? Maybe not a regular watch, but this is a Ferrari. The RedRev Scuderia was released in the Fall / Winter of 2015 and it looks pretty sweet. This watch comes in 6 different color options!

Color Combinations

Black band with your option of Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, or Black/Red Face.
Red Band with Black/Red face.

All of the options have their draws to me. I’m partial to the blue one but those Ferrari Red and Ferrari Yellow just scream… Ferrari!



Face: 3 Hand
Case: Polished impact-resistant thermoplastic
Size: 44 mm
Strap: Silicone

Why do I like it?

Ferrari is all about quality and luxury and the designs of these watches are no exception. They aren’t over the top but they still stand out. I don’t think they would put their name behind an inferior product.

What I would do different

This watch would look really awesome with a leather band. As is I could see wearing the ReRev Scuderia to sporting events or out fishing / boating but I don’t think I would wear it out to dinner. If there were a changeable band or a leather band model I would probably be all over it. What do I know though, I don’t drive a Ferrari (yet) so maybe I’m just not the target audience.

Random Thoughts

I never really understand why watches need to work up to X amount of atmospheres under water. I don’t even like to accidentally have watch on in the shower even if it is water resistant.

Where to get it

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RedRev Scuderia Ferrari