Theory11 – 3 Deck Giveaway

Free Things!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like free stuff. I’m a big fan of free stuff and I hope you are too. Featured in this giveaway are 3 awesome playing card decks by Theory11. Which ones though? We’ll reveal that in the time leading up to the actual giveaway! Don’t worry though, we plan to do multiple giveaways so eventually all 9 of the decks shown above will be up for grabs. Vote on which ones you’d like to see given away first in the comment section, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Giveaway Rules


1. In the comment section at the bottom of the page tell us what your favorite card game is and why, or favorite gaming memory! (bonus points for being funny)

2. Stay tuned to the Twitter / Facebook stream for winner announcements and more giveaways!

Additional Entries With Facebook And Twitter

Twitter Entry

1. Comment on the twitter post below saying what your favorite card game is and why, or a gaming memory! (bonus points for being funny)

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Three Entries?

You can enter both on Facebook and Twitter to have two additional entries and increase your chance of winning! Just follow all the steps in the rules for each and you’re good to go.

United States Entries Only

We’re sorry to all of our international friends and followers but for shipping purposes we’re only going to be doing this giveaway within the United States. In the future we plan to expand so follow and like us anyway to show support!

Which Decks?

2x Contraband
2x White Arch Angels
2x Blue Monarchs
1x Red Monarchs
2x Steam Punk

Out of the above 9 decks we will be giving 3 of them away for this giveaway! Eventually all of them will be given away in future giveaway events.


The 3 winners will be picked on May 11th at 11:00 PM CST so stay tuned!

Can’t Wait?

If you just can’t wait to see if you are the winner then you can buy card decks directly from Theory11. If you end up winning then you’ll just have two of them and that sounds pretty awesome too. They also have a lot of other really awesome products to check out.


I picked this item for our first giveaway because I remember Theory11 playing cards many years ago from when I was stumbling aimlessly around the internet. I always thought they were so cool to look at and wanted a deck right away. The designs are awesome and the quality is amazing. Each of their decks has the exact same quality as any other Bicycle Playing card deck.

  • Alexandra Oller (iamthealexxx)

    My favorite card game is Go Fish because it’s always so much fun to get into a game of Go Fish as an adult and realize that it really is just as fun as when you played as a kid.

    • That’s awesome Alexandra! Go Fish is a great game. I have a lot of fond memories of playing that as a child and playing it as an adult would be very nostalgic! Out of the card decks listed which one is your favorite?

  • Carissa Joslyn

    My family always has Poker Parties, but I don’t really go because I don’t drink, nor smoke like all of them. But my favorite card game is War (do we have to pick a gambling game? i have favorites of those too, but war is my all time favorite.) One time my dad and I were playing War, when I was maybe 17. I was eating fruity pebbles (don’t judge!) and i flung one across the camp table and it landed in my dads mouth. it was the most hilarious thing ever.

    Steam Punk would be my favorite out of the decks!

  • Evan lk

    Hey man its Elk, i like free things, i love playing poker cause its the one game i am not suck at, so theres that :p anyway, the deck that looks like the old book i love, i want to just admire it!

    • Hi Elk, thanks for checking out the site! We’re sorry but this contest ran and ended back in May. But stay tuned because we plan to do more in the future!