Timberland Radler

Timberland Radler Folding Shoe

This shoe folds. There really isn’t much more to say other than that. I mean there is but if you’re not already hooked by the idea of a foldable shoe then what else can I say, right? It’s a shoe that folds and it could be yours.

From a design perspective this is great. The fact that they fold shows that they are lightweight and flexible. You can see that the sole is made of a harder rubber than the rest of the shoe. I’m not sure if they would be great for running. I would really like to hear someones review on that if anyone wants to comment below in the discussion section.

Maybe not a running shoe but I would definitely like a pair of these around as part of my camping gear in case my main shoes got wet. It’s always good to have dry feet and protection since any injury to your feet can be debilitating in a survival situation.

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Timberland Radler