Unique Leather Watermelon Purse


This is the only watermelon (or purse for that matter) I don’t mind having seeds. Why not have some fun with your fashion and be unique? Everyone and their mother has regular purses but you don’t see a lot of watermelon purses out there do you? Not of good quality anyway.

I definitely like the uniqueness of it and could see it being perfect for summer. Especially with a sundress or other fun outfit.

This purse is created by LoveMeLoveMyMeow. She has created a lot of awesome hand made purses, bags, pillows, and coffee mugs. Everything is handmade with a lot of love (and presumably meows). Just looking at these products I can tell they are a lot of fun to make and use. You’ll definitely get noticed with one of these in your fashion arsenal.

On Etsy

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There is a virtual cornucopia errrr fruit salad of purses out there for you to choose from. Maybe you fancy yourself more of a lemon purse or a pineapple purse type of gal (or guy, we’re not judging).