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Not Quite Right

There’s something wrong about these bikes. Artist Gianluca Gimini came up with this idea back in 2009.

I began pestering friends and random strangers. I would walk up to them with a pen and a sheet of paper asking that they immediately draw me a men’s bicycle, by heart.

Apparently people have trouble drawing a simple bike from memory. They either add too many parts or leave out important details of the frame. Most of these bikes would not work or would break if anyone sat on them.

After he collecting hundreds of drawings Gianluca eventually decided to digitally render the bikes as if they were real. The results are quite impressive.

How Old Are These People?

You might be thinking 5 or 6 but it looks like most of these people are over the age of 18. I saw some that even went up to 56. Well beyond the age of knowing what a bike should look like.


Super interesting study and art project. I wonder how I would have done but I’ve already looked up what a bike looks like just in case.
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Gianluca Gimini Bikes Sketch