Furoshiki Wrap Around Shoe

Wrap it up

The Furoshiki Wrap Around shoe by Vibram may not be an ideal running shoe as I can’t see it providing any ankle support but it would come in handy for a lot of other situations. I can see these being used at weddings, camping, the pool, indoors, basements, the beach, cruise ships, or anywhere you need a light shoe. Not really even a shoe per say. It’s a rubber sole that has a wrap that encompass the rest of the foot to hold it in place.

The bottom of your feet are a pretty sensitive area and it’s good to protect them. Sometimes you want more stability than a flip flop without a full shoe. The Furoshiki looks like it is exactly that.
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Watch the video below and you’ll see how versatile and stylish these are apposed to traditional slips or flats. They would easily fit inside of a purse or bag without taking up much extra room.

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