Leather Credit Card Wallet

Simple, functional, and stylish

These are all the things I look for in a wallet. It’s handmade out of leather and comes in a variety of colors (mostly shades of tan/brown). You can also get it personalized with your initials for an extra $1.00. Word of advice though, if you’re giving it as a present then use their initials and not your own. Some people get a little up tight about stuff like that.

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Not your style?

Maybe a money clip is more you. Or even a rubber band. Now I’m not saying that women look at your wallet (at least they say they don’t), but they do recognize style and fashion when they see it. Sometimes a paperclip or rubber band just don’t cut it. Especially when you’re at one of those fancy sit down restaurants. Although, there is a sterling silver paperclip money clip… but it’s not always recognized as being different than a regular paperclip at first glance. It really takes a trained eye to catch that one. Probably a good conversation piece though.

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