Klein Bottle Opener

What’s a Klein

Klein Bottles are pretty interesting and you should look them up because I don’t feel like explaining what it is. Here someone has taken that THING I don’t want to explain and turned it into a bottle opener. You can’t really go wrong in turning anything into a bottle opener.

Klein Bottle Opener

Polished Bronze Steel. Enhanced bronze color, polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


Ok What is it really

Klein BottleBit of a history lesson for you coming up. Klein bottles originate from Germany in the 1940’s and are named after Felix Klein who first described it in 1882.

Klein bottles are very interesting to me because of the design. It seems simple at first but the more you look at it the more your brain sees the complexity. They are a “closed surface with only one side, formed by passing one end of a tube through the side of the tub and joining it to the other end.” Sounds simple enough right?

The most interesting part about them is that klein bottles can only exist in a four-dimensional space or as a 3D model. Neat! Right?

Klein Bottle Opener