Luna by crazybaby

Meet Luna

Made from aircraft grade aluminum with fully customizable front facing LED light to set any mood Luna by CrazyBaby is going to change wireless audio. This isn’t just a portable wireless speaker. Reading about it and seeing it shows there is a lot more going on. With this new wireless speaker you can create an entire music network in your home, with as many as 32 devices paired together. That many wireless speakers could get expensive quick but the capability is there. It also uses it’s own wifi network so it doesn’t rely on your home network.

Luna by crazybaby

Audio is about to sound a whole lot better.


Checkout the kickstart page and listen to the video comparing Luna to Sonos Play 1, JBL fLIP3, and Beats Pill+. It really is pretty amazing hearing them side by side.

Luna Eye might look small but it packs a big punch.


Luna Eye Specs

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Luna by crazybaby