TI-EDC Self Defense Tool

A tool not a toy

These self defense tools are all made out of Titanium Alloy (TC4) so you know they are tough. Not only that but titanium makes them lightweight, corrosion resistance, and non-magnetic. Being small enough to fit in your pocket is a huge advantage when dealing with self defense. Take this tool with you anywhere and feel safe.

Self Defense or Defence?

It’s your call on the spelling. I looked it up and both are accepted but I’m sticking with Defense because that’s what I was taught and that’s what the spell checker prefers.

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Different Tools

There are all different types of self defense tools. The important thing to do is find one that you feel comfortable with. A tool is only going to be as good as your ability to use it. From tactical pens used for striking to different types of aerosol deterrents, such as pepper spray, there is self defense tool for you out there.