Tiny Worlds Cast in Resin

One of a kind

As you can imagine no two rings could be alike with this type of jewelry. That is something I like to hear because I like when things are unique.

All our rings are handmade using fresh wood and jewelry resin. Every ring is unique and one of a kind – the same ring maker can not make the ring exactly the same as the previous one.

These are made by a Canadian jeweler at Secret Wood and are made from wood and resin. Handcrafted so you know time and skill has gone into each individual work of art.

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Underwater Forest

Secret Wood Ring Under Water Forest


Secret Wood Ring Waterfall

Amethyst Forest

Secret Wood Ring Amethyst Forest

Amber Spirit Forest

Secret Wood Ring Amber Spirit Forest

Other Options

You might also be interested in some other options than just rings. SquidLicks creates custom made jewelry using environmentally friendly resin and elements found in nature.

Fascinated by the natural and scientific world – specifically botany and geology, I mirror the Earth’s creations with my own.

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Squidlicks Custom Resin Jewlery

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Tiny Worlds Cast in Resin