Unicorn Ambient Light

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Mythical Creatures

I will call him Uni and he shall be be mine. That’s because it’s already the name of it and I’m too lazy to think of another one. Maybe Bob or Jim. Yeah, Jim the unicorn lamp has a nice ring to it. Is it sad that my best friend is a lamp? Yeah, probably. Do I care? No…kinda. Stop staring at me!

Majestic, no?

Well they are supposed to be. I’m sure it’s just water weight with this guy though. Looks like the top speed of this thing is, adorable. This chubby little horned horse will really light up your life. It has already made the world a little brighter for me just know that it exists.


I was always told that all the magic and the power of a unicorn was in the horn. Turns out it’s in 3 AAA batteries that make it light up. Who know? Certainly not the story books. There is also a on/off switch on the bottom. I’m learning a lot of things about these mystical beasts that I never knew.

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